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Human Ascension with Astrology June 6th Aspects

6/6 Portal 6th Dimensional Portal

Emotional Body Aspects

-New Moon in Gemini

This portal is opening the 6th dimension of space. All possibilities are held here through a multiverse meaning many worlds/realms. Your past lives timelines reside here. The Higher Selves are able to reach each of these lives in many forms. The realization of being your Higher Self is held here. You are needed as a component for the Higher Self to brand off of. Being a spiritual dimension you are able to align with inner masculine self of releasing energy back and forth. Makes you aware of the material world to release physical matter and see what reality has to spiritually offer. Responsibility is brought forth through creating your own response as a choice rather than a reaction. Taking time to reflect with the Higher Self Being allows personal responsibility on what to do differently. Now any Gemini Placements begin to install automatically to this 6th Dimensional upgrade.

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