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Evren Ryu

Astral Shaman

Owner of Cosmic Energy & Spiritual Wellness my name is Cassandra. My Andromedan Star Seed name is Evren Ryu. As an Astral Shamanic Healer I connect with spirits, angels, and other dimensions to help others during life transitions through services and programs provided. Reincarnating with the lineage of Taino and Siberian blood lines I have answered my calling as a Shamanic Healer. Taino's are natives of the Carribean island mine specifically being Puerto Rico. Shaman's are known as Behiques who serve as intermediaries between supernatural and natural worlds. Siberia is known as the heartland of shamanism. Shamanism originating in Siberia and continuing being a crucial part of their indigenous culture. It is believed that people become shamans through inheritance or by being chosen by spirits. I have been both inherited and chosen by my ancestor and spirits to continue practicing ancient traditions and beliefs that work and have worked for thousands of years. My powerful connection to the spiritual world and ability to ground with nature is what allows me to be of service. This helps me heal others through mindful, physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges by interpreting their barriers, performing rituals, calling upon higher guidance and or guiding them back to harmony with their soul's path.

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