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Welcome to Cosmic Energy & Spiritual Wellness

Your Spiritual Sanctuary

May 2024

Book Online Only 

-Client Consultation $20

Fee waived if paying for Life Coaching Program or Cosmic Care Session

-Elemental Yoga $5-$10

-Summer Self Care Boot Camp $75

Life Coaching Programs begin Autumn 2024. Registration available August 2024

Store Hours: About

Get To Know Me Services!

Debating on hiring me for a full season? Choose a service below to test out our compatibility!

Solar Reading $25 10-15mins
Lunar Reading $45 30mins
Seasonal Reading $85 60mins
Palmistry $35/$65 10-15mins
Astral Shamanic Channeling $150/20min $200/50min

Store Hours: Welcome

Seasonal Hiring!

This means we are compatible and ready to work on your goals during a full season!

A Seasonal Chakra Cleanse is performed before a Season begins. Allowing me time to put your Astral Shamanic Alignment. At your Astro & Chakra Consultation we go over the Cosmic Care Sessions and Spiritual Wellness Remedies to follow throughout the Season. Online Support through Shamanic Seraphim Sermons and Seasonal Episodes are reserved for Seasonal and Annual Program Clients.

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Store Hours: About Me

Life Coaching as an Astral Shaman

Accessing Your Essence in 2024

Year of the Wood Dragon brings growth in our Spiritual Source and Divine Essence. Winter 2023 obtain the ability to reflect on 2023's blessings, access techniques to rest, and utilize restorative Cosmic Care Sessions for preparations of 2024. What is your divine purpose? Follow your highest path during 2024 to accomplish your dreams.

Store Hours: Welcome
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