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Human Ascension with Astrology June 4th Aspects

-Mercury Trine Pluto

-Mercury Conjunct Jupiter

-Sun Conjunct Venus

Our Throat Templar is in harmony with our Soul Star Templar. This brings an ability to speak and express ourselves with our 12th Dimensional blueprint! Look out for your authentic self to be voiced out. This action brings a combination of light with your Crown Templar. As light floods your experiences today that align with your 12th Dimensional path. The Solar Plexus Templar also combines light with your Divine Feminine Heart Templar. Accept others support. Receive unconditional love that energieze your day and your values .

Work with your Throat and Crown Templars and call in Andromeda and Blue Avian Star Beings to guide the light source from within.

Accept Venusian assistance to guide encouraging 4th Dimensional light with your Solar Plexus Templar.

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