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Human Ascension with Astrology June 3rd 2024

-Jupiter Trine Pluto

Crown Templar (Chakra) harmonizes with Soul Star Templar (Chakra)

-Mercury Sextile Neptune

Throat Templar (Chakra) activates Divine Feminine Third Eye Templar (Chakra)

-Venus Sextile Northnode

Divine Feminine Heart Templar (Chakra) activates future timeline installation

Mindful Body

-Mercury enters Gemini

Gemini Placements charge Throat Templar (Chakra)

Our entire upper Templar (chakra) systems are being enhanced today! We begin with our spiritual body entering our Crown Templar. These include experiences that are downloaded for the days physical and mental path. These experiences are in sync and harmony with our Soul Star Templar. The Soul Star Templar or 8th Chakra is a gateway for our 11 other soul extensions (lives), higher Selves, and Divine Self to communicate Akashic information. This means that you are on your Soul' path with no doubt or question. To just experience what it is like to be on your Soul' path minus confusion is the main spiritual goals for today. Next moving into our Throat Templar which is being charged with our Mindful Body. This mindful aspect is amazing int he sense that our unique expression is coming from our personal thoughts about the experience of being on our path. Plus if you have Gemini Placements each placement charges up the Throat Templar with that placements unique signature to the mindful Throat. Followed by the activation from Neptune. The thoughts being received by Neptune's energy is allowing a third eye awakening of the feminine aspect on how accurately you receive thought formations. Entering our Divine Feminine Heart Templar on how you receive the vibration of LOVE. This activates your Future timeline installation in the upper Templars. Work with how you receive energy through your Heart Portal and your Mindful body. Recognize the harmony of your upper Templars and notice if you have any repeating elements in your chart of your Venus, Mercury, Neptune, and Jupiter placements. How do these placements interact with your True Node? Do you have Gemini Placements? If so how are they providing a unique charge in the way you express your true authentic self?

If you are wanting a Natal Chart understanding and comparison of your Western and Eastern chart along with their Templar placements below is a link to Your Cosmic Chakra Guide Book where you fill out your charts and utilize the guide to compare with the transitions of today!

Namaste Blessed

-Evren Ryu

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