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Your Abundant Reality Is Waiting!

Traditional Starseed Healing Navigates Human Ascension

New World
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Are You...

Experiencing energy shifts?

No longer finding meaning in your days?

Stuck in your comfort zone?

Needing better connections/support?

Emotional shifts with Seasons?

Sensitive to your surroundings?

Wanting to grasp a sense of Self?

Questioning your reality?

Activating your Chakras?

Recognizing your Intuitive Gifts?

If you answered YES to any of those questions my services and Life Coaching programs are for you!

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Greetings Beloved Soul!

Are you a Starseed who needs navigation being human? I am your Human Ascension guide!

When it comes to aligning with your most abundant  reality I'm your Ascension Life Coach! Each Life Coaching Program offered I have not only created but first hand experienced the benefits of reaching personal goals.

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Life Coaching Programs

The Galactic Plan

Is the most popular Life Coaching Program that sees consistent results. Understanding your energy. Mindful Meditations, Intuitive Strengthening, Chakra Maintenance, and Shamanic Journeys bring goals to life.

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In these programs you will experience dimensional shifts...

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Image by Sean Sinclair
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Image by Nathan Dumlao

In how you connect with your Earth Star Chakra. This dimension is length. A thought has length collected from the Earth Star Chakra. Learn to reset your thoughts to align with what you want to create on this planet.

1st Dimension

In how you create the Auric Field around your body. An accepted thought enters your Aura. Your Aura creates a boundary with what is your soul and what is not your soul on this planet. We create energetic boundaries in this dimension.

2nd Dimension

In how your physical body and Chakras interact on this planet.Learn to harmonize your thoughts (1D), Spirit (2D), and body in this dimension. A new sense of freedom is found throughout your Chakras.

3rd Dimension

In how you perceive time. This dimension is entering the Spiritual Plane. Helping build your energetic foundation on this planet to have the ability to Timeline Hop. Strengthening relationships with Spirit Guides and Higher Self.

4th Dimension

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Everything Included in The Galactic Plan

What separates this plan from the rest are the included Galactic Shamanic Journeys. Having sessions of personalized Astral Projection to guide you in your new reality. Meditation, Astral Shamanic Alignments, Readings, Chakra Care, and Divination Intuitive strengthening are all included. This plan aligns your 3D Chakras to your 5D Chakras

These are monthly prices. A Life Coaching Program is a 3 month long contract.

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Life Coaching Programs

Monthly Plans


Cosmic Plan

Monthly New Moon Goal Setting
Monthly Full Moon Forgiveness 
Weekly Meditations


Astral Plan

Cosmic Plan+
Astral Starseed Alignment
Seasonal Astral Cleanse


Celestial Plan

Astral Plan +
Monthly Celestial Chakra Clearings
Weekly Divination Strengthening


Galactic Plan

Celestital +
Weekly Galactic Chakra Activations
Monthly Galactic Starseed Journeys

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Cosmic Benefits

Hiring an Astral Shaman For The Season

Bring a professional life coach to navigate your goals and aspirations. Specializing in Astral Alignments and Chakra Health through Cosmic Care Sessions!

  • Confront Trauma

  • Spark Inner Flame

  • Relationship with Spirit

  • Balance Energy

  • Healthy Boundaries

  • Owning Your Energy

My Services

Sacred Services Offered

Image by Daoudi Aissa

Solar Reading



Lunar Reading


Stonehenge at Sunset

Seasonal Reading


Image by Joshua Newton

Astral Starseed Channeling


Cosmic Care Awaits! Attend to Your Spiritual Wellness Today!

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Human Ascension Programs

To be a Starseed living a human life was a choice you made eon's ago. Your Divine Self chose a lifestyle of healing's and human experiences to gain further wisdom on Earth. Here are classes to assist your energy within each Dimension.

3D Reality/4D Spirituality Chakra Ascension

Root Chakra Health 

Sacral Self-Care 

Soul Callings 

Power of the Heart

Soul's Compass

Visionary Liberation


Entire Program $1750 or $300/Class

5D Reality/7D Spirituality Program

Soul Star Release 

Spiritual Purpose 

Universal Extraction 

Galactic Grace 

Digesting Divinity 

Entire Program $1500 or $350/Class

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