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New World

Traditional Shamanic Healing Meets Quantum Astral Transitions

Creating A Cosmic Care Session Like No Other

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Cosmic Benefits

Hiring an Astral Shaman For The Season

Bring a professional life coach to navigate your goals and aspirations. Specializing in Astral Alignments and Chakra Health through Cosmic Care Sessions!

  • Confront Trauma

  • Spark Inner Flame

  • Relationship with Spirit

  • Balance Energy

  • Healthy Boundaries

  • Owning Your Energy

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How To Hire

There are many ways to hire me as your Life Coach for 2023. Programs are available for 2024 Annual or Seasonal. Seperate Services are available.

2024 Annual Program

This is an all inclusive program that is 9 months long. We begin this Winter Season for 3 months. Next shift into Spring Season for 3 months. We take a break during Summer and receive a personalized Summer Self Care packet to keep you energized! Meeting back for Autumn Season where we complete our big 2024 goals! 

This program is $300/Month (9months)

$2475 entire program! 

Winter Dates December 11th - March 1st

Spring Dates March 8th -May 31st

Summer Packet by June 

Autumn Dates September 3rd - November 30th

Winter Program (Seasonal)

This is an all inclusive program that is 3 months long. We begin December 11th and end March 1st. If you are wanting more guidance this is the program for you. Focused on weekly content.

This program is $400/month (3 months)

$975 entire program!

Seasonal Programs will be available one month prior to the start date!

Winter available until November 11th

Spring available until February 8th

Autumn available until August 3rd

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My Services

Sacred Services Offered

Image by Daoudi Aissa

Solar Reading



Lunar Reading


Stonehenge at Sunset

Seasonal Reading


Image by Joshua Newton

Astral Shamanic Channeling



Chakra Clearing


Aerial Forest Shot

Seasonal Cleanse


Forest Aerial View

Shamanic Journey


Get in Touch

Cosmic Care Awaits! Attend to Your Spiritual Wellness Today!

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Universal Shamanic Academy

To be a Shaman is not a choice, it is a lifestyle of healing's and ascensions with Spirits through the Universe as God Source. The completion of the Cosmic and Astral Shamanic Courses grant you recognition of sacred Shamanic knowledge. Wisdom to use for your community and business.

Cosmic Shamanic Sage Program

Root Chakra Health $450

Sacral Self-Care $500

Soul Callings $450

Power of the Heart $550

Soul's Compass $570

Visionary Liberation $500

Puriflaming $600

Entire Program $3150 

Astral Advanced Shamanic Priest(ess) Program

Soul Star Release $650

Spiritual Purpose $700

Universal Extraction $750

Galactic Grace $775

Digesting Divinity $800

Entire Program $3350

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