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Twin Flame Thriving Packages

Twin Flame Thriving Packages

Wanting a unique gift that applies the mind, body, and soul of a Twin Flame relationship?


Here are a variety of packages geared towards the thriving of one soul meeting and experiecing the Twin Flame bond! 


Physically engage each other with the DIVINE DEVOTIONS GIFT SET


This set includes 


(2) 2 inch Shungite Hearts  making sure each of you are protected and in sync with your divine reunion

(2) 1 inch Pyrite Hearts allowing a deep and abundant Solar Plexus 

Rose Quartz Heart Necklace to adorn and amplify the Throat and Heart Chakras of the wearer

Rose Quartz Tower to focus Higher Heart Chakra energy 

Large Prarie Floral Smudge to purify the Twin Flame reunion when things may get a little heated


Included in the ENTIRE PACKAGE of $350 OR $150 just the Gift Set


Engage your mindset with a 30min PURIFLAMING PROTECTION FOR 2 Session

This is an in person OR online session that allows protection over Twin Flame 2024 goals.

With ENTIRE PACKAGE of $350 the 2in Shungite Hearts will be used during this Session

OR $75 for JUST the session.


Allow your Divine Spirit as One be channeled and met in a 75 minute PAST LIFE RECALL FOR 2

This is an in person OR online Astral Shamanic Journey to Discover how yo knew your Twin Flame in a previous life.

With ENTIRE PACKAGE of $350 the 1in Pyrite Hearts will be used during this Journey

OR $200 for JUST the journey.


Seperatly a value of $425! 


Receive ample Twin Flame support for $350 and engage the body, mind, and spirit of your one divine soul! 


Namaste Blessed! 

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