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Starseed Summer Self-Care

Starseed Summer Self-Care

2024 Starseed Summer Self Care is a guide for achieving your goals! Being a Starseed Summer brings forth a lot of energy to utilize. As higher vibrating beings we THRIVE during this season with energy and light codes. But it can be challenging to not allow the big energy of summer to distract us from continuing an aligned physcial, mindful, and spirtual life. This guide is aimed towards accomplishing goals with your Higher Self and recognizing when we need a self alignement to continue the fun that summer has to offer. 


This guide book is a 20 page bound book including a clear front cover for protection during your summer adventures! With 5 Sections in the table of contents to easily direct you to the section in need.


First section is all about introducing you to being a Starseed and what self care means for a high vibrating being as yourself. I welcome you on in and provide a Self Assessment page to check in once in awhile. Next are some examples of Self Care strategies to assisit with any misalignments you noticed in your evaluation. 


Second section connects you with a Higher Self to support you on your Self Care journey. Learn about your Higher Self's skills. More information on seeking Divine support. Plus an interactive page to write a letter to this Higher Self.


Third Section is explaining down to the vibration of why self care is so important for your well being as a Starseed and how to make it a Sacred Practice in your daily life. From installing, activating, and utilizing self care as a took to ascend on your highest path.


Fourth Section is where you set goals. Now that we have a better understanding of your Higher Self and support you are receiving lets put those skills to the test! Creating Physically Mindful Self Care Goals and Energetically Spiritual Self Care Goals gives us an outline of working with the lunar phases of July and August of 2024. Journaling prompts are provided for each New and Full Moon of July and August of 2024 to keep your energy engaged with your self care needs.


Fifth Section is if you are seeking more... more service... more products... more sessions... or more life coaching the Starseed way programs! Here you can find how to get in contact with me and continue our journey together! 


This guide will come with a link to my YouTube Channel for an option to work on this guide book together as a community! LIVE New Moon and Full Moon videos will be available. This book is also managble all on its own to navigate you towards your Higher Self Needs.


Namaste Blessed! 


-Evren Ryu

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