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Spring Program 2024

Spring Program 2024

This is a great beginner program and the most popular Life Coaching the Astral Shaman Way program! What does hiring an Astral Shaman look like during a season?


We begin with a consultation to see what your Spring Goal and monthly aspirations are. This takes time so signing up a month prior to the actual programs beginner date IS important to schedule your necessary and included services described below:


Spring Cleanse at a cost value of $75 but included in this program allows me to see what chakra or chakras that you worked on during Winter 2023 and to cleanse anything that is ready to be worked on during this current season!


Astral Shamanic Alignment at a cost value of $200 but included in this program allows me to look over your Natal (birth) chart and compare the chakras you are working on with specific lunar phases and planetary transitions happening between March 8th - May 31st.


These two services are completed PRIOR to the start date of the program. Why? Because this is vital information to have a guide in achieving your Spring Goal. Once your Alignment is complete you will have your own folder including information personalized for your specific goals. This includes

Moon Meditation Seeds

Transit & Tool 

Elemental Engagment

Pendulum Practice

Spiritual Garden Guardians


Each month includes New Moon Vision Quests to set intentions. Full Moons to release in order to receive certain intentions. Lastly having in-person or distance Cosmic Care Sessions

4 Chakra Clearings at a value of $115 per session

3 Rejuvenation Sessions only offered to Seasonal/Annual Program Clients

1 Shamanic Journey at a value of $275

Online Support only provided to Seasonal/Annual Program Clients through YouTube Sermons and Seasonal Episodes.


These Cosmic Care Sessions are included in your monthly OR entire Spring Program! 

There are suggestions in your personalized Astral Shamanic Alignment for which days are holidng best energy for specific Cosmic Care Sessions.

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