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Soul Mate Survival Package

Soul Mate Survival Package

Are you matched with the perfect soul mate? Here's a special survival package to treat both of your hard work! 


These packages can be combined all in one for an ENTIRE PACKAGE or bought seperatly. Just click which survival mode option that best relates for your relationship needs.


Physically the MINTAKAN GIFT SET calls in Mintakan Star Seed energy to begin rejuvenating your cellular make up with crystal metaphysical energies raising your vibrations. 

(2) 1 inch Pyrite Heart activated the Solar Plexus for a deep and abundant  connection.

Rose Quartz Bracelet to assist with receiving or releasing Higher Heart Chakra energy 

Tumbled Rose Quartz to assist  with on the go high vibe pick me up!

Blue Sage Bundle to clear throat chakra build up or even over active vibrations 

The ENTIRE PACKAGE $250 OR just the gift set $80


While Mintaka allows energy to be balanced to receive and release love with your Soul Mate the 

VENUSIAN ALIGNMENT FOR 2 focuses on how each of you receive love and aligns the best way, days, and forms to do so! This is a mindful Venus Heart Chakra Based Natal Chart Reading for 2 and requires each Birth Chart for accurate alignment. With the ENTIRE PACKAGE of $250 OR just the alignment $50


To truly understand one another at a Soul Leve the CELESTIAL CHAKRA COMPARISON wraps up this Survival Package by looking at 2 Natal Charts and doing an ellaborate Chakra Starseed Comparison to see how each of your Chakra energy sources survive with one another. With the ENTIRE PACKAGE of $250 OR just the comparison for $150


ENTIRE PACKAGE saves $30 or purchase individual services! 


Namaste Blessed!


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