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May 01-07

May 01

Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius

Answers at this time are not favorable. This is thee ENTIRE point of Pluto. To bring a transformation of our own perspective. It is when we realize that something in our lives is holding us back that we are able to RELEASE the old parts of ourselves to transform into a new 5D version of oneself.

May 02

Juno Enters Gemini

Communication is hectic with Mercury in Retrograde. This just adds to the mix. In your intimate relationships dark and light energies are being shown to help accept who you are with unconditionally.

Pallas Enters Leo

Depending on your Pallas placement a magnificent talent comes to light and provides potential for creativity.

Jupiter semi Sextile Neptune

Where ever you are abundant and lucky in will encourage an intuitive spiritual awareness. How you receive this energy depends on your Neptune placement.

Use Sage to smudge and ground all of these transformational transits. Make sure to include all of the elements while smudging.

Air element from the East provides welcoming space for change.

Anything yellow and or bird related such as a feather.

Fire element from the South offers elimination of what must be destroyed for new creations.

Anything Red, heated, Orange such as candles and lighting the Sage.

Water elements of the West processes emotions or the energy that is now in motion.

Anything Blue, wet, cold, such as liquids, sprays, if smudging using a sea shell to hold space.

Earth element from the North places stability and grounds your new intentions to the here and now on Earth.

Anything Green, crystals, of Nature. The Sage herself would be the Earth spirit.

Spirit being God, the Universe, Higher Selves and or spiritual guides that complete this transformation of energetic transmutation.

Namaste Blessed,

Out to the Sky

Into the Sea

So Heavenly

Evren Ryu


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