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Earth Fae Message

Evren Ryu here with my Hybrid Earth Fae self!

The end of this cycle calls for self care to prepare us for the next and LAST Spring Cycle to manifest towards our bigger Spring Equinox intentions.

Below are ways to provide self - care for your specific elements. Combine a mixture of your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign to achieve maximum self love!

Air Elements : What is an old project you crave to accomplish? Honor that excitement and complete the project with love.

Fire Elements : Where in your life have you grown up and out of? Celebrate your growth! Love your new perspective of ones self.

Water Elements : Do something that makes you feel confident! Bring your light out and show your true potential. Show love to your own core values.

Earth Elements : Do something logically "risky" but be safe! Your self care is worth risking emotional judgment. You are worthy of trying new things that make you feel brand new!

Namaste Blessed

-Evren Ryu

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Earth Fae Message

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